Stevia, is it the future of sweeteners?

I am putting together a page about different sweeteners used in sugar free sweets.  Here is something about Stevia.  . I am interested in your comments about this.

Stevia is one of the more recent substitutes to be used in the EU.  Currently in the sugar free confectionery area it is mainly used in chocolate as it has a slightly bitter after taste.   Stevia is extracted from a plant Stevia rebaudiana.  The extract is 200 times sweeter than sugar so very little is required.  There have been reports that Stevia can be beneficial for some diabetic and hypertension sufferers but at the time of writing, more evidence is required before these claims can be substantiated.

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Ray - August 9, 2014

Sugar is poison and don’t believe the people who say it’s not addictive, it is. If you crave something and feel bad when you don’t get it this is addiction. I used to be addicted to cigarettes, it’s the same thing. Stevia is (at the moment) the way forward. More science needs devoting to it because it will save this country billions of £ with not spending on new diabetic sufferers created by sugar.

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