Coco UN-A-I Stevia Milk Chocolate (Flavours: Plain, Peanut Butter, Coffee) (no Added Sugar)


UN-A-I Chocolate have produced a beautiful artisan milk chocolate with a silky smooth chocolate texture.  The sweetness of the milk complements the rich complex cocoa flavour to give a fantastic all round taste.   Sometimes milk chocolate is a bit too sweet but this is just right. 



Cocoa (41%), Milk Solids,  fibre (inulin), Sweeteners (erythritol ,Stevia),  Emulsifier: (Soya Lecithin)

Peanut Butter
Cocoa (41%), Peanut Butter 25%, Milk Solids,  fibre (inulin), Sweeteners (erythritol ,Stevia),  Emulsifier: (Soya Lecithin)

Cocoa (41%), Milk Solids,  fibre (inulin), Cappuccino crisps (5%) Sweeteners (erythritol ,Stevia),  Emulsifier: (Soya Lecithin)

Allergens in Bold
Excessive Consumption may cause Laxative effect

per 100g

Energy 469 kcal  (peanut 512Kcal)
Fat 41g
 of which saturates 25g
Carbohydrates 11g (peanut 14g, coffee 12g )
 of which Sugars 9.9g  ( peanut 11g, coffee 10g
Fibre 26g
Protein 10g

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