Chewsy Lemon flavoured Plant Based Gum

by Chewsy

I think lemon is one of the most refreshing tastes. This makes it perfect for chewing gum. 

Made with Xylitol so keep away from pets.  Unlike lot of sugar free chewing gum this is aspartame free.

10 pieces 15g  


Xylitol, Natural Gum Base, Gum Arabic, Natural Flavour, Sunflower Lecithin, Carnauba Wax,

Allergens are in bold
Excessive Consumption may cause Laxative effects

per 100g

Energy 168kcal
Fat 0.0g
 of which saturates 0.0g
Carbohydrates 70.0g
 of which Sugars 0.0g
Protein 6.3g
 Salt 0.0



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