Zotter Milk Chocolate 70% Dark Style (no added sugar)


Brand Zotter

 If you yearn for the creamy texture of milk chocolate but find many of the high street brands are just too sweet, this chocolate bar could be just what you are looking for.   Somehow  it achieves a delicious blend of an intense chocolate taste with a hint of smooth milky flavour.   This bar that will appeal to those who are looking for something special and has the added attraction that it is not only no added sugar but also contains no sweeteners or soya.


These are high quality bars and you only need a little piece to get a marvellous choccy hit, so a bar could go a long way!. This chocolate is presented as two slim bars which to my mind is perfect for this beautiful chocolate.

Organic and Fairtrade, the chocolate is made from ethically sourced beans.   The whole process from the bean to the final finished bar, is carried out by a single continental manufacturer, one of the best chocolatiers in the world.

 32g*2 Bars

Ingredients: Ingredients: cocoa mass°, full cream milk powder°, cocoa butter°, vanilla°, salt
Cocoa: 70% minimum

Cocoa: 70% minimum

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