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Absolute Black: 100% Cocoa Bar with Orange & Cocoa Nibs (NAS)


Brand Montezuma's

Montezuma's master chocolatiers have come up with with a superb tasting unsweetened chocolate bar.  The orange oil gives a wonderful orange overtone that really compliments the intensity of the high quality dark chocolate. The cocoa nibs add a crunchy texture  to make an truly impressive chocolate bar.

A quick look at the content list for this product may surprise you. With only three ingredients it will be welcomed by vegetarians and vegans as well as those who are looking for dairy free and gluten free sweets (so is suitable for coeliacs) .  With a carbohydrate content of under 8 gms  per 100 gms. it is also a low carb. item.  

(NAS= no added Sugar)



Dark Chocolate contains Cocoa Solids 100%

Dark Chocolate 93% (Cocoa Mass), Cocoa Nibs 7% & Orange Oil

Allergens in bold