Zotter Low Carb White Chocolate Vegan (No added Sugar)

by Zotter
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This is my favourite White chocolate bar it has a superb taste balance of coconut and vanilla. The bar avoids being too sweet unlike some white chocolate I have tried.

The bar has 48g of Carbohydrate per 100g of which only 11g are sugars.  For comparison Our Cavalier white bar has 21g of sugar though only 34g of carbohydrate.

The sweetener in this bar is erythritol which is made from Corn husks. As expected from Zotter it is all organic and Fairtrade.


35g Bar


White Rice-Coconut Bar°

Ingredients: cocoa butter, rice drink powder(25%: rice & water & sunflower oil & salt), coconut powder°(20%: coconut milk & maltodextrin°), sweetener: erythritol, orange powder(orange juice concentrate & rice flour), vanilla , salt

Allergens in Bold

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