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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Colourful sugarfree sweets for special occations

When you have a party or special occasion it is nice to offer a sweet bag or put out a pretty sweet dish.

These are very easy to do yourself and provide a really personalised sweet experience.

Children's Parties

For a child with diabetes it can be disappointing to get a party bag filled with sweets that can't be eaten, but the big range of delicious sugarfree sweets available means that there is no need for this to happen. 

Sugar free sweets can really help make a children's party feel more inclusive and Mums will really appreciate the extra thoughtfulness.  I would recommend you go for wrapped  sweets, go for a mixture of boiled and toffees  plus some nice lolly pops.  The fruit chews come in nice bright packing. Children do have more sophisticated tastes these days so don't be afraid to try a few of the more unusual flavours as well as the traditional favourites.

The added advantage of sugar free sweets is that they are much kinder to teeth than  sugared sweets .

You may want to avoid gluten and lactose as well as sugar.  If that is the case,  I have made a list of our sweets that are lactose free and a list of Gluten Free.

Sugar free wedding

For a wedding you may chose to work with your florist to put together some beautiful bags of sweets for your guests.  If you provide the sweets they can match up the ribbons etc. to the floral arrangement on the table.

You will want to have sweets that coordinate with your colour scheme.  The best place to find these could be the Monarch collection where there is bound to be something to meet your chosen colour scheme.

 Making a sugar free party bag

The first step is to select your sweets from our extensive range of sugar free sweets and candy.  We are sure to have the sweets that met your requirements.

The next step is select your party bag; you can do this in the local party shop or from eBay or Amazon. Some even come with ribbon and other trimmings (ebay) (amazon)

Then all you may need is some ribbon and you have the perfect party bag.

Please tweet  to @Sweetswithout pictures of your party bag  - I'll be interested to see them.

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