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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Why Pre-packed sweets

At Sweets Without we have currently chosen to sell pre-packaged sugar free sweets.  This means that the sweets have been weighed, labelled and packaged by the manufacturer.   Pre-packaged sweets come with a full list of ingredients, nutritional information (although you might need a magnifying glass to read them!) and will have a sell by date printed on the packet.  So as a customer you can see at once all the details about your purchase.

The alternative way of supplying sweets is called weigh out.  Weigh out means the sweets are purchased in bulk (typically in 3Kg bags) then labelled and packaged ready for sale.  This is how our favourite local sweet shops work.

Have you ever found a forgotten sweet in your pocket that had become so sticky you couldn’t unwrap it?  Have you noticed that if you leave a bowl of sugar out for a period of time it may become lumpy?  Once a packet of sweets is opened, the sweets inside may start to show changes like this.  So another reason for selling pre-packaged sweets is that it ensures that when the sweets are delivered to you are in the best condition whether they are sugar free or the conventional sugar variety and that they will remain that way until you open the packet.

One disadvantage of pre-packaged sweets is that for a given weight they tend to be more expensive.  With sugar free sweets it also limits the choice.   I would love to add aniseed twists and barley sugar to my range of sugar free sweets but they are only available in bulk.

It is possible to get the best of both worlds when bulk sweets sold by an internet seller are supplied to you in heat sealed packs to ensure the sweets reach you in great condition.

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