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Monarch Update

Sugar free sweets are an ideal Christmas present

These days sugar free sweets really do taste great; from the De Bron cappuccino which are a superb coffee sweet with a really nice toffee interior to Slim Fruits peach melba pastille which are so fruity you would not believe it.  If you have been a regular reader of my blog, you will probably know that I love the sugar free mints but the range of sugar free sweets is now so large that no matter what your favourite sweet is, (be it wine gum or lemon cream), you can now buy it in a sugar free version.

Sugar free sweets are now just as nice as their sugar versions. The days when sugar free sweets were for diabetics only are long gone.  The only real downside of sugar free sweets is that they are slightly more expensive than the average sweet.

There are plenty of reasons to give carb free sweets this Christmas

  1. First and most importantly as mentioned above they taste great
  2. The packaging on many of the sweets is great from the stylish box on slim fruits to the snazzy tin of the Rivo Mints.
  3. They are lower in calories; for example the sugar free chocolate éclairs are 285 Kcal compared to their sugar cousins at 455 Kcal (both figures are per 100 G). So the person receiving the sweets can eat them after Christmas without feeling guilty.
They are better for your teeth. Lot of the sweeteners used are not converted to acid so do not cause tooth decay in the same way as sugar does
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