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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Chocolate for Mothers Day

Chocolate makes a great present for Mum but this needn't mean buying a big box of chocolates that usually gets plundered by the rest of the family. 

A selection from our great range of top quality chocolate bars with no added sugar and sweetened with Stevia would be a gift she could  keep to herself as a special treat.  Although, like most mothers, she might be persuaded to share them!  

We have expanded our range to include over 10 varieties of chocolate with stevia.  C
hocolate lovers will go for our milk chocolate that has over 57 % cocoa solids and is the perfect combination of milky creaminess with chocolate intensity.  This together with our dark dark stevia chocolate means diabetics do not have to feel that the chocolate they eat is second class.
The range includes flavoured chocolate such as  Dark Berry Chocolate from one of the best known Stevia chocolate suppliers, Cavalier.  We have also added Perlege, a Belgian range which has interesting flavours like Stevia milk Chocolate with Cinnamon.

We are now stocking some Perlege chocolate bars with luscious praline or ganache fillings.

Why not create a selfie with one of our high quality small chunky bars?
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