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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

My sugar free sweet favourites

There is a great selection of sugar free sweets available.  But I do have some special favourites  that I particularly like.  For me the sweets below are the ones I would not want to be without.

As you can see I like boiled sweets rather rather than chews and jellys! 

 Candy Makers Sugar free Rosy Apple , Candy Makers have  got these sweets just perfect; the apple flavouring is tangy without being too sour. It reminds me of just how delicious the best apples of autumn are.
I am am a coffee lover and sometimes while on the move I just fancy a taste of coffee.  De bron Sugar free Coffe Cream  are perfect they are individuality wrapped and heat sealed so I do not have to worry about getting a sticky mess in my pocket.  Most importantly they taste great its like have a cappuccino in the pocket when ever I need my coffee fix.
Regular readers of this news letter will know I just love mints.  The classic mint humbug  in my opinion takes a lot of beating.  I just love these minty sweets. For me mint humbugs really are my sweet heaven plus these are sugar free
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