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Monarch Update

Sugar free or No Sugar added in Diabetic Chocolate

In the world of Sugar free sweets and chocolate you sometimes see products, particularly chocolate labelled as No added sugar.  What does this mean compared to products such diabetic chocolate described as 'no sugar' or 'sugar free'

Sugar comes in many forms, not only the familiar  bags we buy in the supermarket, but also it occurs naturally in things like fruit and honey. For Chocolate or sweets to be described as 'no sugar' or 'sugar free' the ingredients must contain no sugar from any source, natural or manufactured.  This means that that they will normally be sweetened  with a  sweetener such as Stevia or Isomalt.

A product such as the high quality plain dark chocolate  that we sell for diabetic and  low carb diets can be labelled sugar free.  However the same chocolate cannot be described as 'sugar free' if it has a fruity theme and actually has fruit such oranges or berries in it.   The natural sugars in fruit mean that this chocolate must be marketed as 'no added sugar'.  

For anyone who wants to follow a low carb or sugar free diet these products with no added sugar can be a real help because the overall sugar content is reduced.  


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