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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Cavalier stevia chocolate

I am really pleased to be adding cavalier stevia chocolate  to our range. It's a brand I have wanted to supply since I started sweets without.  Part of the reason it has taken so long is that the makers have changed their distributors.

Cavalier stevia chocolate has a very comprehensive range of filled bars  the first that I am stocking are classic varieties such as Mocha, Praline and Caramel.  Over time I hope to increase the range I stock to include fruit flavoured filled bars.  Like most filled bars these are no added sugar rather than sugar free.

Cavalier is one of the most popular Stevia chocolate brands   Not only does it have a delicious taste and texture but it is also one of the few 'no added sugar' brands which is not sweetened with maltitol which some people find causes bloating.  Not everyone has this problem but if you have avoided sugar free chocolate  because of past experiences, the Cavalier range could tempt you back. 

The chocolate is a high quality Belgian chocolate with the plain chocolate containing 85% cocoa solids.   I am also very impressed with the fact that the cocoa and vanilla they use is produced to Fairtrade standards so you can be sure that it does not exploit the cocoa farmers.

The range we stock can be found here 

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