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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Sugar free for Glastonbury and Wimbledon.

It's summer, so we are all looking forward to going to a music festival or sporting event.  

When you're out and about at these open air events, it's always nice to have some sweets with you to share with your fellow revelers.  There's a huge range of sugar free candy and sweets available.  Sweetswithout has put together a few hints to help you make a good choice wherever you are going.   

Fruity flavoured sweets are a real summer favourite and we have a good range of Simpkins sugar free in stylish pocket sized tins.  There is a strawberry and cream version that sounds ideal for Wimbledon.  What could be more refreshing than Lime splash or Water melon?   Perhaps a tin of sugar free passion fruit candy would be perfect for Glastonbury.  

If you fancy more traditional sweets like humbugs, try Stockleys sugar free, these are individually wrapped so will be perfect even if you do drop them in muddy conditions, after all there hasn't been an all dry Glasto since 1970 !

 Practicality is all important so chocolate may not be a very good idea if the weather is warm (and we all hope for good weather). Who wants a sticky mess in their pocket or backpack?

As a final hint, why not take some Xyiltol chewing gum  to help look after your teeth?






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