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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

No added sugar Stevia chocolate is Gourmet

Traditionally diabetic chocolate has not had a good reputation.

 The range of chocolate sweetened with stevia  we stock really does mean that if you want to avoid added sugar you can have a first rate product which no one could recognize as no added sugar.

The Cavalier range of chocolate is a good place to start.  We do the three basics Milk, Milk and hazelnut and the Plain (Dark)  plus the exotic raspberry and mango.  We have 2 filled bar collections: the classic that includes Praline, Caramel and Mocha. and a Fruity bar collection.  Personally I like the small bars as they seem to give a more interesting chocolate experience.

 The Perlege range of chocolate raised the bar as far as quality goes.  The 57 % cocoa solids milk chocolate really could be from a London chocolate boutique.  They have a range of filled bars that brings a smile to my face whenever I have one.  .  The range includes a praline and rice crisp bar for the extra texture and everyone's favourite Dark orange ganache.

 New to us is the Belvas range we currently have added two of their products to our stock.  A connoisseur's chocolate paradise, the chocolate is dark, rich and  velvety. We have the fantastic, exquisite and simple chocolate coated hazelnuts and also the dark chocolate hearts with a ganache filling.  All would make an excellent present.


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