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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Bags of choice - Sugar free sweets galore!

So you've read all the press reports about the benefits of cutting back on sugar and you set out to find yourself some treats that will still give you that sweet taste you love.   But where do you find them?

On the High Street you may be lucky enough to have a real old fashioned sweet shop.  They often stock a range of sugar free sweets but it could be only 30 different types of sugarfree candy compared to the vast range of normal sweets and they may be difficult to find, tucked away in a dark corner behind the counter.

If you're not near a sweet shop, the next best place to look may be a health shop as some do stock a  small range of sugar free sweets but you may be disappointed by just how small a selection it is.

So then you move on to the supermarket where you find an even more limited selection, mainly just Polos and butter drops plus small pocket boxes of Ricola or Sula sweets.  If they have their own brand it will be the small pocket boxes and not large bags.

So one way and another it's not that easy to find a large range of sugar free sweets on the High Street but Sweetswithout is different . I am proud to say that Sweetswithout now has over 100 different types of sugar free sweets on the website.   From traditional Pear Drops to an innovative Lime and Chilli (my current favourite sweet) there will be something you love. There are of course some delicious sugar free chocolate products as well as some items that have no added sugar.  But we are still hoping to expand the range.  Currently we do not have sugar free Mint Imperials or Dandelion & Burdock. which are only available as " weigh outs"  not in pre-packed bagss. 

 So that our customers can have confidence in their purchase, we like to give as much information as we can about our sweets.  As far as possible we list the ingredients and the types of sweetener used.  And we make sure all our sugarfree sweets have a long date so that you can savour the sweets at your own pace.

At Sweetswithout we offer a wide range of sweets, all sugarfree or no added sugar.  So whether you like chewy sweets or boiled sweets, chocolate or liquorice,  come and see what we have to offer!.

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