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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Whatever next - sugar free salt liquorice!

We are always looking for new sugar free sweets to add to our range.  One type that has caught my eye is sugar free salt liquorice from de Bron.  Now, although I am vegetarian and also like to think I have a healthy diet, I'm not really obsessive about my food.  However a sugar free sweet with salt in the name sounded a bit odd to say the least.  But then, salted caramel is all the rage.....   so I investigated further and found that salt liquorice is a popular sweet in Northern Europe.  In Finland it is so popular that when they travel abroad they take a supply with them.  Rather like British ex-pats who can't do without their Marmite or Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate!  The combination of sweet and salty sounds really interesting so I've got de Bron sugar free salt liquorice on my website for you to buy!

It's got us wondering about the differences between nations as far as their favourite confectionery is concerned.   In England, although we still seem to favour our boiled sweets and humbugs, our milk chocolate is probably the top choice.  Americans love their M&Ms but also anything made with peanut butter and believe it or not, Jelly Beans have been around since the American Civil War! 

Back in Europe, it surprised me to find that chewing gum tops the list in France and Italy.  Spain seems to have taken to sugar free sweets in a big way as Sugar Free represents 63% of the confectionery market. there. In the UK we have some way to go!  


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