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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Sugar free Sweets for autumn

Autumn is the season when apples are at their best.  When I looked at the range of sugar free sweets we stock I was amazed at the variety of sugarfree apple sweets we stock

The first is the classic Rosy Apple sweet.  These look and taste just like a typical English apple.

Then we have the American sugar free Apple.Squares.  These are very dark green and sweet compared to the English apple sweets.  In many ways they remind you of America.

If you like a sharper taste to your apple sweets, look out for our sugar free Apple Sours from Monarch.

For a really refreshing change why not try sweets with fizz!   We have Apple Sherbets and Apple Fizz to choose from.   Perhaps you are wondering about the difference between a fizz and a sherbet?   The sherbet sweets have a fizzy core at the centre while a fizz has a mild fizz throughout the sweet.   Why not try both to see which you prefer!


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