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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Sugar free candy, Christmas stock levels and delivery

It is that time of year again when you are looking for that perfect sugar free Christmas present.

We try to maintain a good stock of all items but sometimes that is not possible.

Many of our sweets like de Bron, Stockleys, Simpkins and Thorne's  and Cavalier chocolate are bought from wholesalers so as long as they have stock we should have good supplies.

Some sweets such as Monarch and Candy Makers we are able to buy direct from the manufacturer and they make up batches to order.  We have made sure that we already have a good stock of these ranges as we  will not be able to get more before Christmas.  All our stock has a long date so they will taste great well into 2016.

For delivery the last recommended posting day for Second Class post is Saturday the 19th December.  We recommend  that you place  your orders a couple of days before to ensure the sweets arrive in good time.


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