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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

DIY sugar free Hampers

It is really nice to give a personalised gift especially when it comes to sugar free sweets as everyone's taste is different.  I love boiled sweets and aniseed sweets but I'm not that keen on liquorice.  So although a ready made hamper can be a great introduction to sugarfree sweets, putting one together yourself, can be a great way to show that you have thought of someone's personal likes and dislikes. 

The simplest sugar free candy hamper could be a Victorian sweet jar with a label tied on.  It takes approximately three packets of sweets to fill but you can use a variety to suit the specific tastes of the recipient.  If the person is a toffee lover I would recommend going for Devon toffee , Liquorice Toffee and the mixed Toffee Chews which would add some vivid colours to the mix.


If you want some more suggestions 

Popular sweets are, Wine Gums, Chocolate Éclairs, Mint Humbugs, Fruit Gums.

Some people will like more exotic or spicy tastes like Lemon and Chilli or Cinnamon balls.

Containers are all important.  I think it's a good idea to choose something that will be useful after all the sweets are gone.  So choose a sturdy bag or wicker basket but a more unusual choice might be one of those useful plastic boxes that come in all sorts of sizes, and this would have the advantage that it would be really easy to wrap!..  

It's the little extra touches that make the difference.  Use brightly coloured tissue paper inside your basket.  A bright ribbon bow or pom-pom can add another festive touch.  They look impressive but are so easy to make.  Using a "pull bow" it takes only seconds to turn a length of ribbon into a rosette that makes your present really eye catching.

Good places to look for the accessories for your hamper are your local party shop or for on-line shopping  try Amazon and ebay.  There are specialist sellers on-line that have a great selection but they do tend to require a minimum order.  

There are even some do-it yourself empty hamper kits available but I think that putting together a hamper from scratch can be such great fun and creates a really personal gift..


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