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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Sugar free sweets for the mature pallette

Most of us find sugar free sweets like Chocolate Eclairs and Pear drops remind us of our childhood.

But there are many types of sugar free candy that are worth exploring because over time our tastes change. I can certainly remember that as a child I hated olives now I always chose a pizza with olives!.

Some of our sweets may not be particularly popular with the children but as an adult you may just love them.

The zero candies Espresso have a strong coffee taste just like a perfect espresso.

Another grown up taste comes with Monarch Cinnamon Balls have a wonderful complex cinnamon taste just like that from cinnamon stick rather than the much simpler taste from cinnamon powder.

Some times it's great to have a subtle flavour that clears the pallet . The small Simkins tins have  a very subtle delicate flavour while reminding one of the original such as cherry or passion fruit without being over powering .

 I love the wonderful tart flavour of the rhubarb rock but i still like the sweeter rhubarb and custard.



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