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Great Range of Sugar Free Sweets
Great Range of Sugar Free Sweets

Sugar Free baking with Stevia

The chocolate we sell is sweetened with Stevia so we thought we would have a go with baking with Stevia. It not as straight forward as Xylitol.  Recipes need to be specially adapted because it's much sweeter and won't replace the bulk of sugar by itself. .  

The results were not 100% successful but this may be more to do with the recipe than the stevia

The recipe I used  was for sugar free cinnamon thin biscuits and can be found here.   I chose it because the main purpose of the Stevia was to sweeten the apple puree.  I found it quite difficult to get the thickness right by smoothing them out with a spoon .  I think you really need to be quite careful and use a template but that's a bit "cheffy" for me.   The first tray I forgot to look at soon enough and they were distinctly over done  -  well actually nearly burnt to a cinder!  So I was more careful with the next tray and they came out a nice golden brown as the recipe suggested.  They tasted quite nice and once they were cold were quite crisp.  So I put some in a tin to have at supper time with some fruit and ice cream.  I was really disappointed to find that by then they had lost all the crispness.  Even the ones I incinerated!   I can't really see where I went wrong and don't know whether it's worth having another go.  Perhaps I will put it down to experience and try something else.

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