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Angry Chef Bad Science and the Truth About Healthy Eating

The author of this book is aiming to debunk the myths of a lot of the life style gurus.

He has done this by making the book approachable.  The idea being that much of the time specialist dietitians and scientists have not been good at communicating this to the wider world.  It is a lot easier to read than his on-line blog that I struggle with.

He looks at some very serious areas such as the alkaline diet which claims that it can cure cancer.  No diet can cure cancer and he does a good job at debunking the ideas behind it.  He also draws attention to the fact the main proponent is in prison for practising medicine when he is not licenced to do so.

The book covers a wide range of areas where there are dietary myths from "Clean Eating" to  Coconut Milk

Angry Chef on sugar

As we are a site that sells sugar free sweets I was particularly interested to review the chapter on Sugar. The first part illustrates how food bloggers demonise sugar, painting it to be the most evil of foods.  It's done with a certain amount of humour having Terminator references  etc.  There is a fair review of sugar in the diet and yes, we all consume too much sugar, but it is an important part of a diet.  

The chapter also includes a good look at sugar and official dietary advice.

He writes a good section debunking the refined sugar (bad) versus natural sugar (good) idea.  Just because the sugar comes in the form of honey does not make it good for you.


  This book provides an good entry point to the myths and fables of the food bloggers and nutritional therapists (dietitians and nutritionist treatments are based on evidence based science.)  It's written in a very individual way which aims to be approachable but some people may find the style annoying.

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