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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

My new respect for sugar free Sweet makers

The experiments with  sugar free baking have given me a new respect for the makers of sugar free confectionery. It seems clear that sugar replacements do not behave in the same way as sugar.  Some like stevia are so sweet they have to be used with other bulking agents or combined with other sweeteners. 

The flavour of many common sweets depends on the way sugar behaves when it is heated to high temperatures and gives that lovely caramel or toffee taste we all love so much.   As sweeteners behave in a different way to sugar, the sweet maker must find new ways to get the same flavour. 

So for each type of sweet, the sugar free sweet makers have spent a lot of time perfecting their recipe.  They need to find just the right sweetener or combination of sweeteners to make sugar free sweets that are just as good as sugar based counter parts.  This requires a lot of  skill and knowledge to get a high quality product for us to enjoy.


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