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Monarch Update
Monarch Update
Sugar Free and No added Sugar Biscuits

Sugar Free and No added Sugar Biscuits

Range of no added Sugar Biscuits

Over the past 6 months we have been adding to our range of sugar free biscuits. 

 It has taken a lot of time and effort to find the right products but it has been lots of fun trying all the different ones!  We have been looking for biscuits that are either sugar free or no added sugar that taste just as good as regular biscuits.

When you nibble a biscuit the texture is really important. Some of the biscuits we tried were really crumbly and you could not pick them up, others were too hard.

Biscuits are a real treat and we want you to enjoy them so we made sure that the ones we sold really had a great taste and texture.

We believe that the range we currently sell are some of the best no added sugar biscuits on the market.

The Diablo  extra  choc biscuits are very much in the Oreo style and the great thing is that the packets are under £1.00 so why not try them.  Please let us know because if there is the demand we will stock a larger size pack.

 The chocolate coated digestive are so good you would not know that they are not regular biscuits

 If you love to dunk a biscuit in your tea or coffee, I can thoroughly recommend the Activa coconut biscuit




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