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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Plenty of time to enjoy your Sugar Free Sweets

All our sugar free sweets have a "Best before date" on the packet.   We want you to enjoy the sweets in tip top condition so would recommend that you eat them before that date.  

However the best before date does not indicate that the sweets cannot be eaten after that time.  It may mean only that the taste or texture may not be quite the same as the manufacturer intended.  For instance, some sweets may tend to get sticky as time passes or toffees may go a bit hard. 

We make sure that the sweets we sell have at least 2 months before the best before date.  If we do have any packets that have less than 2 months we will discount them.

 The best before date on sugar free sweets varies according to how the sweets are made, the ingredients, and sometimes the manufacturer's policy.   

Most of our sweets will have a year before their best before date.  The exceptions are Werther's packets which seem to have up to 9 months (typically 6 months) similarly  Jelly Belly.  

Monarch sweets usually have 18 months from the time of sale and are unlikely to have less than a year.  The sweetener used in their boiled and rock sweets is Isomalt which is very stable and unlikely to go sticky.  

de Bron, Stockley's, Thornes and Fruittella etc all currently are dated sometime in 2018 so there is plenty of time to enjoy the sweets.

For any other sweets except Werther's and Jelly Belly, we would not buy form our suppliers unless they had a best before date of 2018  (at the time of writing May 2017). If suppliers do have a reputation for sending short dated stock we will ask that they send long dated stock or we may specify the earliest date that we will accept.

All this is to make sure that you will have plenty of time to enjoy the sweets you buy.

Chocolate lovers may have spotted that there is no mention of the dates for chocolate. products.  We haven't forgotten you and will talk about this in another article. 

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