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Sugar free sweets and Maltitol

One of the more common sweeteners used in sugar free sweets is Maltitol.  It tends to be used in Toffee and Jelly sugar free sweets rather than boiled sweets. It can be found in Werther's sugar free toffees as well as...

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Home made sugar free Mints

Looking at Google I found a recipe for home made sugar free mints.  They were made with Xylitol which is easily found in the supermarkets. Recipe http://momsfrugal.blogspot.co.uk/2008/09/xylitol-mints.html  The recipe appeared very simple:  double the amount of xylitol to water and heat...

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Sugar free sweets sweetened with stevia

Sweetened with stevia what does it mean? Stevia is much sweeter than sugar.  The Stevia used in confectionery is between 200-300 times sweeter than sugar   This means that much less stevia is required to achieve the desired sweetness than...

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Sugar free celebrities - can you trust them?

Looking at a copy of the Mail on Sunday there was an article about how some of the advice given out by cerebrate to reduce sugar could not always be trusted .  This is something I have blogged about before.  Some of...

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Sugar free Sweets and Scotland

It may not be not strictly about sugar free sweets but over the last few weeks while adding new sugar free candy to our range, I have found it interesting to learn about Scotland's sweet heritage. Scotland has a very distinct sweet...

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Oranges as a sweetener

Oranges do not seem to be a natural place to look for a sweetener but our sugar free lollipops from Simpkins contain Neohesperidin dihydrochalcone (no I have no idea how you pronounce it ).  Though it sounds very chemical it is...

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