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Something magical.

Sometimes when you hold a packet of  sugar free sweets, you find the packaging is absolutely perfect.   If you then try the sweets and they meet all your expectations, it really does bring a smile to your face, We recently...

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Home made sugar free Mints

Looking at Google I found a recipe for home made sugar free mints.  They were made with Xylitol which is easily found in the supermarkets. Recipe http://momsfrugal.blogspot.co.uk/2008/09/xylitol-mints.html  The recipe appeared very simple:  double the amount of xylitol to water and heat...

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Sugar free celebrities - can you trust them?

Looking at a copy of the Mail on Sunday there was an article about how some of the advice given out by cerebrate to reduce sugar could not always be trusted .  This is something I have blogged about before.  Some of...

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Sugar free baking not sugar free sweets

January is a quiet time in the sugar free sweet world so I thought I would have a look at trying some sugar free baking.  I needed a bit of help as I am not an expert baker!  You certainly will never...

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Sugar free sweets that are good for your teeth

It's hard to believe that there are sugar free sweets that are good for your teeth and a natural product.  This remarkable sweetener is called Xylitol.  We already sell Xylitol chewing Gum. Xylitol has been shown to reduce tooth decay. This is...

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