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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

What's in the colour of a sugar free sweet

Back in the summer we looked at how you could use sweets to make a sugar free party bag to match your colour theme.

Sometimes  when I add new sweets to my range, I am intrigued by their  colour.  Sometimes they don't look quite as I expected them to.  I have started to wonder whether you can guess the flavour of a sweet from its colour.  

I expected my Violet Buds from Monarch to be mauve or purple, but they turned out to be silver and yellow.  An inspection of my stock reminded me that Apple and Blackcurrant had got the colour choice of purple and green so that must have affected the choice for the violet sweets!   Some sweets such as Sherbet Lemons will obviously be a clear yellow.   Rosy apples from Candy Makers have been cleverly made to look just like an ripe apple with a rosy blush.   Banana Custard are yellow and orange (not green like my picture) which make perfect sense.  Not many food items are blue so the unmistakable appearance of the blueberry certainly stands out.

I don't know why Clove Rock, sugar free or not, always seems to have a white outside and a red core.

The Aniseed Balls from Monarch seem not to be the traditional colour which is a burgundy red but a bright red and white which reminds me of beach balls.

Acid drops are always White but I have no Idea why?  As for peppermints; I'd certainly expect them to be mainly white or perhaps green, so would I have a flavour shock if I had a bright red mint? (though in the USA mints are Red and White so perhaps it's purely cultural)

Do you fancy some fun?  In the picture below can you guess the name of the sweet from the colour?

Send your answers to us via our contact page before 1st December 2016.  There's a free bag of Candy Makers Chocolate Fruits for the first person to send correct answers.  (We sell all the sweets)

Sweet Competition from colour



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