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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Why so many sugar free mints

It's interesting to see which sugar free sweets are available on the High Street.  When I was in my local supermarket I looked at the sugar free sweets on offer.  In many ways the range was rather very disappointing.  Apart from a few packets of Ricola and their own brand sugar free marshmallows, the range consisted of a selection of mints.  Many of these were small mints in neat pocket sized packs.

Two types of sugar free Polos
Wrigley's Double Mint
Trebor Mints
Smint Mints
Mintoes Mints

 Most of these are small mints that come in well designed pocket packs.  So there wasn't really much choice if you were wanting other types of sugarfree mint.  Where were the Humbugs and Peppermint Cremes?  

I love peppermint sweets and so at Sweetswithout we stock a wide variety of mints not just boiled sweets but mint flavoured toffees and chocolate as well.

To see the wide variety of sugar free mints we supply, click here.

The range is even better now as this week we have added a sugar free version of the classic Uncle Joe's Mint Balls and they taste really great.












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