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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

American Sugar free Candy But not in the UK

A friend has just got back from the states, as a treat they brought me a bag full of sugar free candy from the states.

 Yummy American Sugar free candy

 It struck me just what a great variety there is and how hard it is to find here

Even a big brand such as Werthers have sugar free flavours we just do not see in the uk such as chocolate flavoured chewy Caramels, and a big bag of assorted hard candies that includes a caramel apple and a caramel toffee but I have never seen these here.

Some brands have no UK presence at all such as Russel Stover.  My surprise goody bag contained Pecan delights, Coconut covered in chocolate and Toffee squares.  Looking at their web site they also do hard candy and Jelly Bears.  It's strange that their products have not made it to the UK as they are part of the Lindt group.

 Then there are the sugar free versions of the popular American candy we see in the shops such as Reese's Peanut Cups and Hershey chocolate.  

 A lot of the American sweets are sweetened with Splenda rather than the Isomalt that is used in a lot of our sweets so they will have a tendency to go sticky.

I am enjoying trying them all! 









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