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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Anyone for Sugar Free savoury sweets ?

It is interesting to see how our perception of flavours change over time.  Not that long ago chocolate was considered almost exclusively a sweet flavour, now increasingly one can find chocolate in savoury recipes.  Maybe it is the Mexican influence on our cooking.

We recently took on a Stevia chocolate with coffee and cardamom that tastes great. Though  we use cardamon in spice mixes for curry, it can also be used in rice pudding and I have had some delicious Swedish cardamom buns. .  

 Some flavours travel the other way; from savoury to sweet dishes.  It now seems that you can have chilli sweets and  a lot of ranges have chilli chocolate but I have not seen any stevia chilli chocolate in the UK yet.  I know some restaurants have desserts featuring basil ice cream but no one seems to have developed a basil flavoured sweet. I wonder why not, it could be popular? 


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