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Why Sugar free sweets

If the purists had their way we would be living in an ideal world where we ate only food that was "good" for us and other items would either be banned or taxed highly.  Would we really want to live in such an environment?   There are essential items of food that we all need to include in our diet for the sake of the physical health of our bodies.  At the same time, eating food also makes an important contribution to our general well-being and our social life.   The fruit we are advised to include in our diet already provides us with sugar, so it is a good idea to cut down on other sources of sugar. This is where sugar free products come in.  Both children and adults get pleasure from an occasional treat, a little bonus or an unexpected surprise.  Having the occasional sugarless sweet satisfies this desire and stops us looking wistfully at tempting displays of "forbidden" confectionery, because there is an alternative!

Sugar free sweets and dieting

It’s hard to read a news paper website without seeing a story about how obesity is the biggest heath problem we currently face. 

It is very easy to end up eating too much sugar whether it’s from fruit juices, Tomato ketchup   or sweets.  Carb free candy provides a way to reduce your carbohydrates intake. Particularly as sugar is only a carrier of calories and has no added nutritional value. Carb free sweets also have fewer calories as seen from the table below.


                Sweet                  Kcal/100g Sugar                                Kcal/100g Sugar Free

Mint Humbug                            300                                                         253
Marsh Mallows                         404                                                         203
Liquorice Coins                        296                                                         251


Dental health and Sugar Free Candy

We are told that sweets are bad for teeth but not why.  When you eat anything containing sugar there are bacteria in the mouth that use the sugar as an energy source; as a by product they produce an acid that damages the enamel on teeth.

Most of the sweeteners in sugar free sweets are metabolized in a different way to sugar so do not produce acid.

Boiled sweets are the worst for tooth decay as the sweets is enjoyed over a longer period of time.  This means that your teeth have a longer exposure to the acid than with other types of sweets.  It is fortunate that many of the sugar free boiled sweets taste just as good as sugar sweets.


Diabetes and sugar free sweets

Diabetes is when the body can no longer control the levels of sugar in the Blood.  In the long term people suffering from Diabetes can sufferer from multiple complications such as poor circulation and loss of eyesight.  There are two type of diabetes.  People with Type 1 diabetes are usually diagnosed at an early age and their condition is controlled by insulin injections and by watching their diet. 

There is now considerable concern about the growing number of people that are developing diabetes later in life.  Reducing sugar intake can help to lessen the chance of diabetes as we get older but also be a useful tool for those who have been diagnosed.  Sugar free candy and Stevia chocolate can be helpful in making the life style changes that late onset diabetics need, to control their blood sugar levels.  Sweets made with sweeteners can be part of the change as most sweeteners do not affect blood sugar levels.  This allows a diabetic person to continue to enjoy the occasional sweet.  It is important to consult with your medical team when making life style changes.


Last but not least

They taste great !!


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