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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

New sugar free sweets for October

At sweetswithout we are always on the lookout for new sugar free sweets. Here are a few of the new sugar free sweets we now stock.  

  • Avoiding carbs and sugar but still fancy a toffee?  We are proud to stock Stockley’s great sugar free assorted toffee selection.
  • When I spotted Banoffee Pie sweets in the catalogue I could not resist adding them to my stock.  They really are a taste revelation.
  • Wanting a sugar free treat on the move?  We have some burgundy grape flavoured sweets that are beautifully packaged in a pocket sized tin. Click here to purchase

And for youngsters

  • If you are looking for a ideal sugar free sweet for children, we now have de Bron sugar free jelly bears in stock.   As a bonus they have added vitamin C.  Sugar free sweeteners are a lot kinder to children’s teeth than sugar based sweets.
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