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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Sugar swap and sugar free sweets

For the New Year the NHS has launched sugar swaps. The idea behind the campaign is that parent swap products with a high sugar content like cocoa based cereal to low sugar products such as Shredded Wheat.

The press release claims that 14 % of the sugar of children eat comes from sweets.  It can be very difficult to persuade your children that plain rice cakes are a good alternative to the favourite after school treat!  A selection of sugar free sweets may help make the transition to a low sugar diet mach easier and more pleasant.

Sugar free sweets are high quality and taste great.  There is also a great range and makers such as Stockleys user natural flavours and colours such as beetroot and paprika.  All the classic favourites are available such as Fruit Salad , Cola bottles and Sherbert Lemons.

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