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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Sugar Free Sweets unwrapped!

Have you noticed that your sugar free boiled sweets come in two different types of wrapper?   Some are in a cellophane twist, others are heat sealed into little individual packets. 


If you want to take some sweets out with you, the heat sealed wrappers have a definite advantage as they are not going to get accidentally unwrapped (and leave a sticky mess in your pocket) plus, if you take them to the beach, you won't end up with a mouthful of sand!  On the downside they can be a little awkward to open. 

 On the other hand the twists do look great and match up to our romantic idea of what a real sweet should look like.  Opening them is a breeze, even with cold or clumsy fingers. 


  Which do you prefer?  Perhaps it doesn't matter as long as the sweet itself is delicious!

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