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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Sugar free Liquorice give it a try you may like it

Liquorice sweets come in many forms, from sweet  brightly coloured "allsorts" to shiny black liquorice strings.  It has a  distinctive taste and is particularly popular in the Netherlands.  

Liquorice itself is a natural product extracted from the root of a plant which used to be grown in the Pontefract area of Yorkshire where it was made into a sweet called pontefract cakes.   Currently the best liquorice is grown in Italy where pure liquorice root is sometimes sold to chew on    It is also grown in other  countries all around the world.  It has been grown for centuries during which time many properties have been claimed for it.   Even now there are a number of studies to see if there are any  valuable medical uses. The NHS warns against overeating of black liquorice over a few days as it can lower blood potassium levels. There have been clinical trials to see if it is an effective treatment of atopic dermatitis whatever that may be!  However you can enjoy  eating liquorice sweets as long as you are not too greedy and remember, like all sweets, they are a treat to be savoured in moderation. 

Perhaps liquorice is the "Marmite" of sweets because you either love or hate it!  If you want to try it out, why not start with our sugar free Blackcurrant and liquorice?  This is a traditional sweet  with a unbelievable blackcurrant outer surrounding a subtle Liquorice core.  Then, for a more intense liquorice experience, we also sell sugar free liquorice sweets from de Bron.

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