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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Ever changing packaging of sugar free candy

Do you ever wander why the packet of sugar free sweets delivered to you looks different from the one on the website?

The simple reason is that manufacturers often change the design of the packets and the first we know if it, is when the new design arrives in a delivery of sweets.  Sometimes we wish they had kept the old design as we liked it better than the new one! 
Recently de Bron have started changing their packing.  The first to be changed are Sugar free wine Gums. The new packet looks like this:

The next changes with be de Bron sugar free Poker fruit. 

With some manufacturers it  is even more complicated it seems to depend on where I source the product,  Candy Makers sugar free Lemon Sherbets come in this packing if a order from a wholesaler: 

Or this packet if I order direct


We do try and make sure the product image on the web site reflects the product that is delivered to you but sometimes it just impossible to keep up to date with the packaging of sugar free sweets.  The one thing you can be sure of is that the sugar free candy in the package will taste great!




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