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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Which sugar free sweet reminds you of spring?

Sugar free sweets can bring back so many childhood memories.  Some of those memories can be personal to you, perhaps a reminder of surreptitiously unwrapping a sugar free pear drop in the school playground or a favourite Aunt slipping you a forbidden bar of chocolate. 

With Spring finally on its way, I have been thinking about the way some sweets seem to sum up a particular season or time of year.  

Strawberry and Cream just has to be the Summer sugar fee sweet.  The shops are full of those enticing berries and Strawberries and Cream is the signature dish at Wimbledon.  I have vivid summer memories of "pick your own" but in my case, perhaps it was more "eat your own" !  

Autumn is summed up by sugar free Rosy Apples.  I always look forward to the first of the new seasons apples and the sugar free sweets really have a lovely fresh apple taste.  But hazel nuts also remind me of Autumn so perhaps I should also include some stevia Hazelnut Chocolate in my sugar free sweetie calender. 

Liquorice does has a wintry feel to it, but as Winter is the season of coughs and colds, I am reminded more of sugar free Menthol and Eucalyptus !

So now I am left with Spring and I really need your help.   What should I choose ?  Sugar free Rhubarb and Custard reminds me of my favourite pudding, rhubarb crumble but maybe Spring is the time to start again, to try out a new sugar free sweet with a different taste and texture. 

Have you got any more ideas! 


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