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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Sugar Free sweets and diabetic sweets that taste fantastic

When I was a child (Don't ask  how long ago)  the reputation of sugar free sweets and diabetic sweets was that they were a second rate product.  Now sugar free sweets taste just as good if not better than their traditional sugar counterparts.

One of the big changes has been the range of sweeteners that are available so it is  possible to select  a sweetener or sweeteners that  really does match sugar in terms of texture and taste. Some like stevia really work well in chocolate.  Isomalt works well in sugar free boiled sweets.

Demand also means that there is now a large variety of sugar free sweets on the market.  There are still some gaps in the range I can offer, I have not yet managed to find pre-packed sugar free Barley Sugar or Apple Sours.

But the quality is definitely there, I do not believe you can tell the difference between the sugar free Everton mints and the sugar version.  De bron's sugar free Coffee Cream is as good as any sweet I have ever had and when tried by my delivery courier  agreed .

The great  news means that if you are diabetic or just want to have a low carb diet, there is a whole world of sugar free sweets and candy for you to explore and you will not miss sugary sweets.

 Like everything we eat there are pluses and minuses, one of those is that excessive consumption of sugar free sweets can have a laxative affect.  The good news is if you are Diabetic or just trying to avoid sugar, you can still enjoy the sweets you have always enjoyed, but remember to eat them in moderation.


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