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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Belgian Chocolate or chocolate from Belgium ?

Much of the sugar free chocolate and Stevia Chocolate we sale comes from Belgium which isn't surprising as, according to Wikipedia, chocolate is one of the things that Belgium is most famous for.  If you are interested the other famous food items are beer, waffles and chips!  The chocolate industry is an important part of the Belgian economy and has been well established since the 18th century.   Because of its importance only chocolate that meets certain strict standards is entitled to be labelled "Belgian Chocolate". 

Is this important?  Well, when we first tasted Perlege sugar free Belgian chocolate we were really impressed  and found it difficult to believe that, unlike most of the chocolate available, it really had no added sugar.   Without reading the label, it would be difficult to recognize it as anything other than a  great high quality chocolate, perhaps from one of the smarter chocolate shops.   The delicious and intense flavour of Perlege chocolate somehow manages to meet one's need for a sweet treat without the occasionally cloying aftertaste of some more conventional brands and made us realise that Belgan Chocolate is different.  Not only that but there are suggestions that quality chocolate with high cocoa solid contents is actually good for us  - unlike the beer, waffles and chips!

As most of the high quality sugar free and diabetic chocolate comes from Belgium, the flavours reflect the favourite continental tastes.  So here at Sweetswithout we are still looking for really good sugar free and diabetic chocolate with some of the traditionally popular English flavours like peppermint and salted caramel. 

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