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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Simpkins Sugar free Sweets

Simpkins is one of the iconic brands of the British sweet industry.  We can probably all remember going out with Grandparents and there being a tin of Simpkins travel sweets in the car.  We are are now selling some of the Simpkins range.  We are stocking their small tins of sugar free candy as they are better for popping into your pocket or bag.  The flavours we are initially carrying really sum up the summer to me.

The flavours are Lime Splash, Raspberry Delight and Cherry Splash, all packed in cute tins which are about 6 cm across so are ideal for a modern hectic life style, when we are always on the move.

As one would expect from Simpkins, who have been making sweets in the UK since 1921, the flavour just speaks for itself.




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