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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Sugar Free Sweets on the High Street

One of the reasons I started to sell sugar free sweets on-line is that it is hard to find sugar free candy on the High Street.. The major supermarkets only sell the pastille type sugar free sweets by Sula and Ricola plus Sugar free Polos and Werther's originals. These are all  great tasting sweets but sometimes one wants more variety,a greater range of sweets or full sized sweets.

The best range of sugar free candy on the High Street will be found in a independent old fashioned sweet shop.  Most of these will have a good variety of sugar free sweets to purchase.  Sadly many people don't live close to that kind of shop and so shopping online has become the best way to find the yummy sugar free humbugs or the wine gums that you crave. 


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