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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Sugar free Candy or Sugar free Sweets ?

The new De Bron packaging brands the sweets as "lifestyle candy". It got us thinking - what is the difference between sweets and candy?

Originally the term candy referred to sugar that had been boiled and had formed crystals.  Like some other exotic foods the word comes from Arabic but it has been used in Europe for centuries.  So the term sugar free candy doen't really make sense!

As well as the true candied items like nuts and fruit, English menus often included other sweet items that were called "sweetmeats". Over the years this probably got abbreviated to "sweets".  Americans on the other hand have for a long time stuck to the term candy for all sweet things.  In England until a few years ago we would always go into a shop to buy sweets not candy.  However nowadays the American influence is strong and the use of the word candy is becoming much more common.

So whether we call it a candy or a sweet it doesn't  really matter; as long as it is delicious and also of course, sugar free!

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