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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Having a sugar free Holiday

When going on holiday it's great to take your favourite sugar free sweets with you.

Particularly, when travelling sweets can help from ears popping on a plane to passing time on a long car journey.

We are currently thinking about stocking either Sula sugar free sweets or Ricola sugar free candy.  These have a very cleverly designed  box, the  lid is held closed by a flap so the sweets do not come loose in your Bag or pocket .  However the box can still end up getting crushed


I still think the simpkins pocket tins are the best solution for travelling sweets.  The lid on the tin seals nice and firmly so it will not come loose, so the sweets are also protected from accidental coffee spills..  

One of my relatives who goes to the theatre a lot prefers the Ricola box as it is easier to open quietly during a performance.

As a bonus the Simpkins tins are good because after you have enjoyed the sweets, the tins can be used as useful storage for all sorts of things like paper clips or buttons.

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