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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Exciting sugar free times

There's a lot is going on in the sugar free world.

New ranges are coming in stock and sadly some old favourites are disappearing.
I hope the new sweets we are taking on will become your new favourites.

 White Chocolate!

Cavalier White chocolate with Mango and Raspberry

Many people love the taste and texture of white chocolate.  We have finally got some white Stevia chocolate in stock. It is the wonderful Raspberry and Mango white chocolate  bar from Cavalier.


The initial range of Simpkins sugar free sweets have proved so popular that we have added 3 more flavours: Water Melon, Passion Fruit and Strawberry and Cream.

Vivil Sugar free candies 

We have added this German make of high quality  sugar free candy to our range. Initially, we are stocking strawberries and cream and Caramel but will be adding Peppermint Creams and Mixed Berry (fortified with vitamin C) over the next few months.

These are individually wrapped and heat sealed so are ideal for your Summer outings.



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