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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Sugar the new demon Food ??

Its seems that every week that goes by there is another report telling us that the sugar is bad for us.

An example of this is that last Friday there was a report frrm the Independent and other news media about the recommenedd daily dose being reduced to 30g

According to the above report 30 g is the amount of sugar in a bottle of cola.

There is even a lobby organisation called Action on Sugar that has some leading academics pushing for reduced sugar intake.

This site gives out a lot of good commonsense  advice on reducing sugar such as having fruit instead of sugar on your cereal.  It also reminds us that foods like Honey and molasses are  just as bad as refined white sugar.

There is no easy answer to reducing sugar, as sweeteners used to replace sugar should also only be eaten in moderation.  But I believe sugar free sweets can help  provide that sweet treat every one fancies after a tough day or to give a little lift on a  long car or train journey, what could be better?

Sugar free sweets in many cases only have 66% of the calories of sugar sweets so it an all round win.  They also taste great.  Have a  a look around on our site you will see a great variety is available.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you may feel a bit of deja vu on this post but so did I when I read about Marks and Spencer removing sweets from their checkouts.




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