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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

When something fun is good for you

We are excited to be taking on the Vivil range of sugar free confectionery.

I have just added the latest addition to the sweets without website, These are Wild berry Bonbons that have had a whole range of vitamins added  The photo below shows the list of vitamins


As you can see it even has a list of the vitamins and tells you what percentage of the recommended daily dose they represent. NRV means ""Nutrient Reference Values" and is the same as RDA (Recommended daily intake).  If you are confused , so am I, but  EU food labellng regulations have changed!.  

The sugar free sweets taste really good. with a nice clean fruity flavour.

It is interesting to look at the Vivil website as they make a whole range of these Sweets with a load of extra vitamins in the UK only the Wild berry is available.   In Germany you can get cranberry, Orange and Lemon. They also do them in nice looking tins. I'd love to be able to get hold of them to sell on my website.




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