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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Yippee! American Sugar free candy has come to Sweets Without.!

Up to now there has been a gap in the range of sugar free candy we sell at Sweets Without.

There was no American Candy!

At last we can add it to our range.  We have found a supplier who has taken candy from the Atkinson Candy Company and packaged it beautifully.

So now we can offer lots of new flavors (note the American spelling!)  The range covers new varieties including Peanut Butter and American root beer.  We  haven't been able to offer an Aniseed candy up to now and there is an appealing transatlantic twist to all the other sweets.  

I am impressed the way these sugar free sweets taste great: from the initial experience to a fantastic after-taste.

 Most of the candy is hard candy but we are searching for wholesalers of American soft candy.


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