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Monarch Update
Monarch Update

Sweetener for Boiled sweets

We have taken on a new range of sweets that use Isomalt as a sweetener.

Isomalt is not only almost as sweet as sugar but also has a similar structure.  Like sugar it is stable at high temperatures which means it is ideally suited to be used as a sugar substitute when the sweet making involves high temperatures. The manufacturing process for boiled sweets may reach temperatures of 150C or more  

Some sweeteners cause the products made from them to become a bit sticky because they absorb water   Isomalt doesn't absorb moisture so the sweets are unlikely to get sticky,  even if they are not wrapped.

Many people are interested in the possible effects on their health when they eat sugar free products   So it's good to know that isomalt has a low glycaemic index which makes it appropriate for use by those people who have Diabetes and also of course for those who want to follow a low GI or low carb diet.   Like most of the sugar substitutes, its lower calorie content is largely because the body does not fully digest it and there may be a slight laxative effect.   However unlike some other sweeteners neither the EU or the FDA  have stated a maximum intake that should not be exceeded.  

Another plus point is the fact that isomalt does not cause dental decay and may even help to repair early decay. 

All in all Isomalt seems to be a product that has many advantages ... particularly when it is used to make candies as delicious as our new range.!


If this has whetted your appetite to learn more about Isomalt click on this link  for a complete article. 





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